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 Art theft - Message from WH user

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Forum Guardian + Happening! Member

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PostSubject: Art theft - Message from WH user    Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:22 pm


I've already spoken with the ART about this, no worries. But I wanted to tell you guys too. Someone on Chatlands and also on dA has stolen a premade from me. Their chat-name is kept confidential between the Wolfhome ART and myself.
Original premade topic:

The account is deactivated but the pose still shows up in the search "wolfhome freebies."

DO NOT UPLOAD THIS. It is not free, the only people who may use it are: Clovette, Chimera, Lucifer, Elite, Match, Kolomay, and Ecru. I have spoken with the ART on Wolfhome and they told me the link will not be accepted. PLEASE pass this on to other Chatlands PLEASE PLEASE.

I do not want this pose being used ANYWHERE by ANYONE other than myself and the users listed.

Honestly, I'm very upset over this.

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PostSubject: Re: Art theft - Message from WH user    Sat Apr 06, 2013 6:45 pm

@Subscribed users of Mystic Eclipse
The user has been deactivated and the piece has been reported as art theft.

Anyone who has recently uploaded this pose through this resource will be automatically rejected without a ban placed. If you currently have this pose on your account from this user, we ask you to please remove it from your library. The art review team will do a scan and will message anyone who has this pose (from February 8th to current) that isn't on Sebastian Michaelis/Doon's permissions list (or ask for further permission documentation) and request that it be promptly removed.

If request is rejected, a ban will be placed for failing to cooperate with art staff.
Thank you.

- - -

Thank you Xina for posting this!
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Art theft - Message from WH user
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