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 Admin Assistant Applications: Closed

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Admin Assistant Applications: Closed Empty
PostSubject: Admin Assistant Applications: Closed   Admin Assistant Applications: Closed I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 16, 2013 9:01 pm

Basic Information
This information is needed in order to understand your experience as a person within the Chatlands community. Please be 100% honest with this section of the form; we are very pleased to see responsible answers on an application.

Main account:
Other accounts:
Chatlands experience (in years):
Most visited sister site:

Personal Information
This information is needed in order to better understand you as a person. Please only share what you wish to, honesty is desired. If you don't feel comfortable answering a question, you are more than free to skip it. All information submitted will be kept confidential, and will not be showed to anyone else other than current staff.

Real name:
(If shared, are you comfortable with your team members calling you by your first name?: [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] In time
Place an 'x' in the [ ]'s.)

Do you attend school (or college)? If so, what grade (minor/major)?

Do you take part in any activities in school?

How often do you work, if you have a job in real life?

Are you able to work with a team completely and fully as if they were your family?

Dealing with Users
Please respond to these questions/situations responsibility and with detail, good grammar, and heart. This part of the form will help us better understand you on how you act around others and how you solve problems.

If a user were to come in and start trouble, what would you do?

What would you do if they didn't listen to you?

What would you do if a user or a friend of yours started publicly saying inappropriate things about you out of anger? Calling you out and doing everything in their power to make you angry?

What would you do if your friend started breaking the rules? Would you treat them like any other user, or would you 'soften the blow'?

As an administrator, ranks have different powers in a public room. With the average misbehaving member, please explain to us your course of action in order (you may use any information above in this answer if desired):

Before Submitting Your Application:

An administrator is an average every day person who has desired to use their peoples skills to make the site more enjoyable for users. Their job to protect others from online harassment/bullying, and they always put the users and site before themselves. Kicking and banning should always be a last resort, until there is no other option. If accepted, you agree that you will handle to job responsibly to better help the site function with order, and its members. You will go to higher ranks and other members of the team when you're unsure of a decision, need help, or have a question about anything. You will be completely honest as a person, and be a good role model for the site, it's staff, and yourself. If a break is needed, you will inform an alpha before leaving.
[ ] I have read everything above and I agree with what's been stated.
[ ] I was honest about my age.
[ ] I understand that I will start off as an admin assistant, and will be promoted only when my team members feel I'm ready.
[ ] I understand that this application will go under reviews from different members of the staff, and I will be patient to hear back from one of them.

Please, fill this application out and PM (personal message) it to Pladywolf or Kinya on the forums. Thank you, and best of luck!
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Admin Assistant Applications: Closed
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